Live Bee Removal


Sometimes honeybees end up making their home in undesirable locations (such as in your home) and must be removed. Since we love bees, we hate to see them exterminated! Bees are having a hard enough time as it is.

The problem with the feral bees in our area is that they are a mixed bag of genetics and not all of them have traits that are desirable for keeping as a managed production colony. Some of them are too defensive and others tend to swarm too much. There is a way to remedy this however and turn nuisance honeybees into productive members of our community.

Every colony of honey bees has a queen that is the mother of all the other bees in the colony. The queen lays up to 2,000 eggs each day to maintain the population of worker bees required to run a colony.

While the queen can live up to a few years, the worker bees only live about 6 weeks.

When we find we have a colony with undesirable traits, we remove the old queen and replace her with a new queen of gentle European stock. In about 6 weeks time all of the worker bees will be the offspring of the new queen and in this way we can completely change the temperament of an undesirable colony of bees.

While doing live bee removal jobs is not the easiest way of expanding our colonies, we do believe that all bees deserve a second chance. There’s a lot of transportation, labor, re-queening, and hiving costs involved in rescuing feral bees and fees very depending on the job. If you have bees that need to be relocated please give us a call for a free estimate, 727-560-4678.

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