5 Frame Nucleus Colony - June 15 pickup

5 Frame Nucleus Colony - June 15 pickup


We believe that purchasing a Nucleus Colony (or, as beekeepers call it, a “Nuc”) is by far the best way of purchasing a colony of bees to begin with. We highly recommend this over purchasing package bees that are notorious for absconding, or catching feral bees which can end up being overly aggressive and ruin your first experience with beekeeping.

The Nucleus Colonies we sell include an established colony of bees with a good, laying queen, at least three frames of brood in various stages, at least one frame of pollen and nectar, and a frame of foundation that the bees are expanding upon.

These Nucleus Colonies are sold in a plastic Nuc box and are ready to be installed into a full 8 or 10 frame hive body.

Pickup is May 25, 9 a.m. at 4620 40th Ave N. St. Petersburg, Fl 33714

Nucleus Delivery and Installation Service is also available in the Tampa Bay area for $50. To arrange delivery and install date call Josh at 727-560-4678.

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