Our Story


It all started when…

Beekeeping began as a backyard hobby for Josh and Rebekah Harris with one colony of bees in Saint Petersburg, Florida. This backyard hobby soon turned into a passion and the number of bee colonies began to multiply. Not only were they keeping bees in their own backyard, but also expanding into the backyards of friends and relatives throughout the city.

In 2015 they started a sideline business called Harris Honey. With so many open doors of opportunity for urban beekeeping in the Tampa Bay area, Josh and Rebekah decided to take the plunge into full time urban beekeeping. In 2018 Queen & Colony Bee Company was launched.

By keeping bees in backyards and business properties right in the city, Queen & Colony is able to provide the highest quality of truly local raw honey and hive products to all of the Tampa Bay Area. Queen & Colony also specializes in live bee removal services and beekeeping education opportunities. Queen & Colony aims to be Tampa Bay’s source for all things bee related.